Thursday, 25 June 2015

Creative story starter

One day there was a strong troll whose hat comes to life he wondered he done it.when the troll came back the hat was starting  talking to him and the strong troll fated. Two hours later the troll woke up. The strong troll said how can you talk and the hat talked?.The next two hour later the strong troll got up and grabbed same tape to tape the hat mouth to make it stop the hat talking.

The next day when the troll woke up the hat started to talk again and the troll so the tape it was everywhere.But he wondered how the tape came of  the hat. The hat was jumping around the trolls house and the troll was getting annoyed from the hat And the troll yelled at the hat and the hat started to cry

The troll said i’m sorry for yelling at you and the said i’m sorry too for talking too much

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