Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Egg friend race

Have you ever had an egg race before,wall we had an egg race on Wednesday the 21st of Oct,It was the funniest thing we done.

Our teacher Mr Bax gave us an egg and we had to draw a face for our egg friend.My egg Friend had long hear and she Smiles  every day, my egg friends name is Elizabeth.

When that was done we went to the park and Mr Bax gave us spoons and we started the race. When I got to the monkey bar I went to jump off and my egg cracked. There was this yellow stuff in it and it smelled so bad That I had to bury her. she was the best friend I ever had.

After that all of us went back to class and people were saying that they buried their egg.I wish that we can do some more  funny thing with our teacher.

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