Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Survivors animation

This term we are learning about PES survivors and how animals  Adapt  to Survive.The animal for this story is a penguin that goes to the desert to see if it will survive or not survive. We had to Create an animation showing how the penguin will survive in this new investment

A penguin will only have thick fat skin and they have flippers to help them swim and slide.The penguins have white fir so other animals won’t see them but when they are in the water the sea lion and killer whales will eat them.

I put my animal in the desert. It won’t survive because it will get eaten by another animal and it is too hot for the animal to survive.The penguin can’t run because they will sink in the sand.

My animal will only survive in the desert if it had thin skin and  hooves like Camels and Change the colour of their fur to yellow.The animal will survive because I changed the colour so other animals can’t see it and the skin into thin skin. I also changed the feet into hooves like camels feet.

My animal  wouldn't survive if I didn’t have lots of changes.
thank you for Watching my animation I hope you Enjoyed  it.good bye.

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