Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Year ⅚ Camp Blog Comments

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Write 1-2 sentences (In your OWN words) about something you liked in their blog post.
Write 1-2 sentences describing WHY you liked that part of their post.
I liked how gwynn was talking about the camp and the games they done in the hall.
I liked the part of the games that they played in the hall cause when I was there I didn’t forget to go on the rollerblades
I like how Tehillah done her camp post and she listed what she done
I liked the part when tehillah was doing cooking with mrs garden cause when the girls from kindonators got to eat some
I Liked Deavays camp blog post because he was talking all about what he done at camp he might of had fun their
I liked the part when Deavey was making bread cause the boys in my team they were all missy  like there was flour all over them.
I liked Aneelis’s camp post because the games she done with her camp group like top town and the other games
I like the part when Aneelis was playing top town that was called kill Zone. My team won at that game but the other team got the same points as us
My favorite part of stacey camp writing was when she forgot to watch all the performs that people performed in the hall
My favirote part of the Performances was kind krushers,that was the only on that I liked out of all of them.

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