Thursday, 12 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Has your teachers made you laugh before,well our teacher have .This term we are learning about as I see I see it is about art,your favourite things,seasons,building ,comic and the four wakes.Well the first team that I am going to talk about is team 1.Team 1 are learning about there favourite things.On the first day of school the kids came to the hall and Mrs Nua was talking about the kid coming back and she said the first team on screen is team 1.They showed us a video of the teachers and there favourite thing.The next team was team 2.Team 2 are learning about seasons.Next team was team 3 they are learning about building mini house.Then my team of course team 4 we are learning about comic books and we might be making one and last of all team 5 .team 5 they are learning about the four wakes.This is what Pt England school are doing this team.

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