Friday, 24 June 2016

Paul Martin Visit

On Wednesday 22nd of June we had a art day and a special visitor came to our school.He came to teach us about art and his name was Paul Martin. Paul Martin is an illustrator and he wrote a book called “The Adventure of Kory”.

My favourite part of the day was drawing with Paul Martin.The first thing we had to do is write the things that we wanted to put in our drawing.When i’m older I think that I wanna just be like him.

When he was just about to leave we sang him a wiata and thanked him for coming to our school.He was selling book for 15 dollars and the last thing that we had to do is say goodbye

My favorite thing that we done with paul martin is him helping us with our drawing.I wish that he came back to show us about  more thing that he learnt and some more book that he might of made well he was at home.

This term Paul Martin Came to our school to teach us about art.He was drawing some picture and he gave them to us.

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