Thursday, 28 May 2015

Jack and the beanstalk

At Sunday at 1.00 jack so that there was a giant lying dead in a hole . He wander if another giant posh the other giant down from the sky.Then jacks mum call him she said I need you to go and sale the cow for money.

The next day jack went to go sale the cow when jack  was walking down the road he so a strange man coming towards jack. Jack said can I buy your cow for magic beans.Then jack took the beans and ran srate home. He call his mum he said look I have four magic bean. His mum said lose bean yoslis and  his mum threw the bean outside.

When jack was climp up the beanstalk he so that there was a big castle in front of him he said if he went in he will find gold. When he was in the castle he so a big giant sleeping with gold under him. He found a bag and put gold in the bag and he so a bird that lays golden egg then he took that too.He went quickly  as he can out the door. Then the giant was running after jack he ran down the beanstalk.He cut the beanstalk down and the giant died.Then the giant was never seen again.

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