Saturday, 9 July 2016

Holiday At Matariki

This term we went to the Matariki festival and celebrated about the seven star. I went with my sister in law  and my friends.When we were there we where playing with the hula hoop and I was the longs hula hooper and I never stoped. My favourite thing about the Matariki was when we were playing ditch around the Te Oro and my other favourite thing that we done at the Matariki was playing with the glowing sticks.On the last day of the Matariki  festival there is going to be fire works going on and after that there going to take the lights down and there going to be no more Matariki.
Go and enjoy the Matariki light trail on saturday the 9th 2016 and watch the fire work and happy maori languager week everybody.

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