Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Immersion Assembly

It is a new term and it is Term 3.Term 3 we are learning about the Olympic games and our theme for this term is We are the champion.There was a special visitor that came to our school and it was Mr Burt our principal he came back from his vacation.

The first team that started off the term was team 1.This term they are learning about healthy food to keep themselves fit and have more energy so when it come’s to cross county they will be able to not stop well running.

The next team after that was team 2.Team 2 are learning about other sport and how they can be just like the sport players.

Team 3 they don’t know that much about sport and they are having a quiz game to see how knows they most about sport player and sport games.

The most funniest team was team 5 cause of Mr Wiseman.Mr Wiseman had a tutu on and a pink Singlet and the team was AUS,AKL and USA the team that won was KIWI.

The team that I’m in was Team 4.We are learning about Geography,Rio,Virus,Contamination and Advertising.

This that I mostly enjoyed was my team's video they made.
They thing that I looking forward this term is finishing off my word for next term.

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