Friday, 9 September 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi Speech Marks

There was a little boy and his name was Hiwi and he was a Kiwi that lived on an Island with his Brothers and sisters.When they where little there parents died by a shark.Their name were Ella,Jessie,Zac and James and including Hiwi. They loved to go fish but one day they went fishing and Zac said way are the sea gales are diving into the water.

"Ella said,"Sea gales div in the water is to get them something to eat but if there ain't enough fish for them to eat they will die. Have you ever herd that if you pick up a mother fish and it has baby's in it's stomach the baby's won't have time to be free and have time to live.

Ohhh said Zac

"well they where fish they so a shark dundundun!!! OHH NOOOO!!!!! Help!!!!!!! SHARRRRK they all Panicked Ella and Jessie fell in the water and even James and the only one that didn't fall in the water was Zac Poor Zac he is alone.

"Seven years later Zac was still alone and no one to talk to and he was still on the same island he's been on for years!!!.
The Ead

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