Saturday, 17 September 2016

Narrative Bush walk

One morning when my mum was thinking in her head that she wanted to go bush walking today.
My three brothers and sister was thinking of that to but not me. Cause I'm afraid that their might be spiders and by the way brothers and my only sister,their names are Joseph,Rahiri,Hosea and Te pearu.I love my sister the most so we had to go,I got changed.

” Why do we have to go bush walking today?" I asked.

"No we're going for a bush walk or not if you don’t want to come then you can stay home and clean the house."

My mum always says that but if I don’t clean the house I’ll be in good trouble. Then I’ll not be allowed to play outside.

The next day when the house was clean my mum was Sooo!!! sick it was like she had a cold.Two week after that my mum was getting better.I was talking to my mum and say that my siblings where play the games and it felt like I was their slave.

After that she wanted to got for another bush walk so I went so that I don't have to clean the house.So I promised my mum that I will go for a bush walk for now. This is how life is going to be know going for bush walks everyday.

This team we are are writing about going for a bush walk and make up a story about going for a bush walk with our family.

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